Project Enquiry2021-11-25T00:18:52+03:00
Project Enquiry
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Alternatively, please call us on +90 224 334 17 79 to talk through your requirements.
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I don’t have a 3D CAD model. Can you create one for me?2021-11-13T03:01:23+03:00

We do not offer any design services at this time. If you need assistance creating a 3D CAD model of your idea, contact us via email and we’ll get you contact information for designers who are familiar with our process.

Can I quote my part with all services at once?2021-11-13T03:00:59+03:00

You can get a quote for injection molding and machining, but a second quote for 3D printing will need to be requested.

How do I get a quote?2021-11-13T03:00:46+03:00

To get a quote for all of our services, simply upload a 3D CAD model on our site. You’ll get an interactive quote within hours with free design feedback. If there are problem areas in the submitted design, our quoting engine provides detailed information on the potential manufacturing issues and suggests possible solutions.

Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required to do business with Bingoz?2021-11-25T20:19:58+03:00

An NDA is not necessary to do business with Bingoz. When uploading your CAD model to our site, we employ state-of-the-art encryption and anything you upload is protected by confidentiality obligations.

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