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Bingoz Plastics is a privately owned company specialising in manufacturing high-quality plastic injection parts and is based in Turkey. The company operates from its 26,000 sq ft manufacturing site in Ankara and 17.500 sq ft in Eskisehir.

Bingoz Plastics, which produces high precision plastic injection molds and serial technical plastic parts, provides project, sample production and serial production for many different sectors such as white goods, automotive, electrical-electronics, medical, defense industry, cosmetics, toys, and education.

Its internationally proven quality places Bingoz Plastics among the leading suppliers in Europe with its ISO 9001 quality certificate and it is totally committed to providing top quality solutions to the markets we serve. In this direction we continue to fulfil our customer requirements, supplying cost-effective products to the highest standards from initial enquiry through to production and delivery, providing a completely personal and efficient service from the drawing board to the finished product.

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